Legal Support You Can Trust


Areas of Expertise

Decedent Estates 

  • Opening Estates Testate or Intestate
  • Filing Will
  • Inventory
  • Sale of Real Estate
  • Spousal Support Allowance
  • Return of Claims and List of Notified Creditors
  • Estate Tax Forms
  • Financial Accounts/Reports
  • Affidavit of Closing
  • Tax Purposes Only Estate (TPO)
  • Affidavit in Lieu of Administration
  • And more


  • Involuntary Conservatorship
  • Voluntary Conservatorship
  • Temporary Conservatorship
  • Inventory
  • Conservator's Report
  • Sale of Real Estate
  • Placement
  • Change of Residence
  • Terminate Lease
  • Restoration
  • Release from Voluntary Representation
  • Periodic and Final Financial Reports or Accounts

Guardians of Estate

  • Petition for Appointment of Guardian of Estate
  • Compromise of Claim 
  • Restricted Accounts
  • Inventory
  • Periodic and Final Financial Reports or Accounts
  • Release of Funds
  • Affidavit of Closing

Name Changes

  • Adult and Minor Name Changes

Financial Accountings

  • Periodic Financial Reports or Accounts for all Probate Matters
  • Final Financial Report or Accounts for all Probate Matters
  • Power of Attorney Accountings


  • Guardianships of Person with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Temporary Guardianship of Minor
  • Trusts
  • E-Filing
  • E-Billing for Attorneys and Conservators
  • And more